10 Tips For Starting A New Business


Starting a new business is a time of mixed emotions you’ll understandably be excited to be your own boss but you’re also going to feel nervous. Let’s be honest starting a business is risky especially in today’s climate but with these 10 tips, it can be made a little easier. So without further ado let’s take a look at my top ten tips for starting a new business.

Be Patient and Positive

OK, that’s technically two things but they go together and are both equally important, before we get into the importance of research and getting your business plan together it’s essential we talk about the importance of staying positive and being patient.

You’ll likely go into starting your business full of energy and positivity but that will soon wane over time. That’s perfectly natural and don’t be worried or feel down if things don’t quite go according to plan, in business things often don’t.

It’s important to stay positive and not lot naysayers or a bad result get you down but it’s equally important to not set your expectations too high. Remember start-up successes don’t happen overnight.

Know Your Market

It surprising how many people will get a business set-up without really researching their market audience first. This really isn’t the way you want to start your business and will certainly start you off at a disadvantage.

So before you get thinking about how many employees you’ll need or what size office you want, make sure you thoroughly research your market. If you want your business to succeed you’ll need to know how to attract your main audience and actually get them to notice your business.

Offices Can Wait

Speaking of offices they can wait! All too often people setting up their business can get stuck on the cosmetic fixtures and fittings, yes we all like to picture ourselves in a fancy office with a huge desk and plush swivel chair but that’s not something you’re going to need straight away. Till your business is actually ready offices and other things like warehouses can wait.

Competition Is Healthy

Competition is pretty abundant in the business world but that’s a good thing although it might understandably not seem that way at first. Once your business is set-up it’s important that you learn not to fear your competition and you should never bad-mouth them to clients or customers. Instead, see what you can learn from them and use them as a way to see what you could do differently. A friendly rivalry between two businesses can have a host of benefits.

Prepare Yourself Mentally and Physically

Starting up a business even a small one is long and tiring work so prepare yourself for it, you might be putting in a lot of hours for the next few weeks if not months. So don’t go on nights out with friends and or stay up late catching up on television or anything like that. You should make sure you still stay fit and healthy though so don’t skip meals and remember to get some fresh air every now and again.

Don’t Do Everything Your Self

Unless you have an incredibly diverse set of skills you’re probably not going to be able to do everything. But actually letting someone else take charge or responsibility for a task can be difficult for people who have set up their own business.

But it’s important that you learn to delegate and let other people take charge, it will save you time and get you better results. If you can’t hire employees straight away but still need outside support and help then consider hiring freelancers instead. Freelances could be a great option to help you with activities such as SEO consultancy services, research and analysis and content creation.

Get Your Face Out There

Setting up a business is challenging but one of the things many people struggle with is what comes next. Yes networking, now networking is an essential part of any business and is much easier than you think.

You just have to get your face out there and mingle with other people it doesn’t have to be at a business conference it can be anything, you can network anywhere. Networking is also a great way to get positive word of mouth to spread which is incredibly valuable for new businesses.

Have Your Own Blog

A blog won’t just provide a boost to your website traffic it gives you a way to share your news and opinions on your business and much more. Blogs are particularly useful for informing customers about new products and services and are a great way to build an honest and open relationship with them.

Do Your Research

Research is essential when it comes to starting up your own business but don’t think you can stop once your business is up and running. Research is something that should always be carried out, it can help you discover new ways to reach your audience and is incredibly valuable when it comes to working with other clients.

Expect To Make Mistakes

It sounds cliché but everyone makes mistakes and they don’t have to be a massive issue, in fact, you should take them as learning experiences. So if you do make one don’t be hard or angry at yourself in business mistakes are going to happen and good things really can come from them.

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